Why You Should Use Pond Dyes

by | Aug 5, 2022

Applying pond dyes can provide a number of benefits, aside from aesthetic appeal. Bodies of water will often be subject to algae blooms in spring and autumn, which is partly a result of climatic changes. When algae growth is present sometimes sediments will be brought up from the pond’s bottom, spreading nutrients throughout the water that may give it a brown or green color.

How Pond Dyes Can Help

Although algae blooms tend to be short in duration, the brown or green color resulting from it can last for weeks. In fact, if nutrients enter the water frequently, it isn’t uncommon for algae blooms to last for an entire season, perhaps longer. The purpose of using pond dyes is to restrict the growth of algae. The dyes will filter the light from the sun which in turn stops it from penetrating the deeper layers of your pond, where both algae and weeds thrive from the UV rays and grow.

Pond dyes work best against algae that are blue green, along with filamentous growth. This is due to the colorants they contain which have a number of commonalities with the dyes used in food. Best of all, these dyes are perfectly safe for fish and other aquatic organisms and do not have restrictions regarding water use.

Additional Facts Regarding Pond Dye

Pond dyes should not be confused with herbicides, as they cannot be used to eradicate plants. These dyes are best used in spring as most plants haven’t yet started growing, and if so they will typically be in an early growth stage. The dyes come in different colors, the most popular of which are natural blue, black and midnight blue. The best dyes are heavily concentrated with water solubility.

For those who own water gardens or ponds, it is absolutely essential that they prevent UV rays from touching the bottom. Not only will this make the water body more beautiful and natural, it will also control the growth and spread of algae and weeds. The best pond dyes are those which are designed with pigments that are natural.

The dyes are sold in two forms, one of which is a liquid that is highly concentrated. These are stronger than quart concentrates. The other form is known as WSP, or packets which are water soluble. In terms of quality, WSP is equal to the liquid concentrate, but is sold in a formula that is dry, making it easier to apply. You don’t have to worry about conducting measurements or getting dye on your hands. You just open the zipper pouch, which will usually be resealable, and then place it in the pond. Since it is made with starch that is natural it will dissolve rapidly, after which the dye will spread automatically. Every pond or water garden owner can benefit from these dyes, as they can prevent unpleasant water discoloration.

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