When do I need to change my BioFalls filter pads for my Oklahoma fish pond?

by | May 2, 2022

Biofalls Filter Pad Service

BioFalls are very simple yet effective fish pond filtration systems that don’t require much care.  However, spring is the perfect time to check on those filter pads to see if they may need replacing.  The filter pads are cleaned a few times a year but are quite frequently forgotten about.   What really determines if you can reuse these pads or if you should just replace them? 

​Initial Filter Pad Inspection

Inspection of the BioFall filter pads is one of the items we check off on all our pond clean out services. In general the BioFall filter pads can last up to two years, we recommend not going more than two years on a set of pads.  We normally recommend changing one out each year as most biofalls have multiple filter pads.


  1. They get clogged and start to breakdown.  Even if you clean them frequently, “stuff” is most certainly stuck in the middle clogging that filter pad.  “Stuff” you can’t see.
  2. The filter pads start to break down and fall apart.  Not to the point that you are going to have thousands of pieces of filter pad floating in your pond, but ripping.  If you remove the filter pad to clean it and it rips, that means it’s time for a new one.  

What should you do?

Before you even potentially waste your time or water, check the filter pad for rips or tears.  If you see none, check the strength of the filter pad.   What rip it?  Yes, try to rip it, but leave your Hulk strength at home.  It really doesn’t take much to rip that filter pad if its shot.   If either of these happen, go  invest in some new BioFilter filter pads, it’s time. 

Should your pads look good, aren’t tearing, and you’ve replaced them within two years, rinse/wash those puppies down and use them another year. 

Filter Pad Cleaning Tip:
Rinse the filter pad down with water, then lightly hit the pad against a solid tree trunk.  You’ll be shocked at all the sludge and “stuff” that comes flying out of the filter pad.  BE AWARE: It will look like a giant bear has pooped all over the tree… rinse the tree down with a hose and you’re all done. ​
Lastly, if your pond was a mess the prior year or is now and they pads are caked with pond sludge, replace them.  No matter how much you clean and knock them off, they will be clogged.  Clogged pads don’t allow water to flow through them, essentially rendering the pads completely ineffective. 

 Recap: When to replace your BioFilter filter pads. 

  1. Ripped or torn filter pads- Replace 
  2. 2 years or more in use- Replace 
  3. Disgusting pond and filter pads won’t come clean- Replace
  4. Just don’t want to mess with them- Replace
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