What’s a Pond Smart Plug?

by | Aug 7, 2022

Do you see this when you go out to your Oklahoma water feature? 

You have to turn off… ah let’s just say the pump, but you have 4 other plugs to choose from. What do you do? Yep, you end up unplugging all of them or you spend the next 20 minutes following each cord from the outlet to the device it’s powering!

​In the past we’ve tried, what we thought was a great idea, labeling the plugs. This worked for a little while, but then the labeling faded, just to turn into a frustration again. This new device is amazing providing you an easy way to find the outlet you need to unplug, to turn a device off with the click of a button, and many other functions! ​

​I unveil to you the Aquascape Smart Control Plug. I know, I know it doesn’t look like much but this little guy is going to make our lives so much easier! Let’s see how!

How to use a smart control plug

What is it?

Essentially it’s a plug splitter allowing you to plug three devices into it, BUT….. you can control functions such as on/off, set timers, and even allow alerts if certain devices stop working! 
How does it work?  You download the Aquascape Smart Control App, hook it all up to your Home WIFI network and start controlling your devices that are plugged into it. 
Let’s check it out!!

Smart Plug Labeling

Let’s circle back around to labeling! Each Smart Plug has three outlets, Each outlet is labeled 1, 2, 3. In the app you can label each plug with the device that’s plugged into each outlet. For example. Pump-Outlet one, Fountain pump-Outlet 2, Aerator Outlet 3.

No more guessing- you need to unplug your pump to service it, you go out and unplug outlet one, done. No more fumbling around trying to figure it out

Smart Plug On/Off Function

​The on off function is like having a switch at your finger tips.  Let’s say you are outside and want to turn that aerator off so you can see your fish better, pull out your phone, open the app.  And you just click it off!!  When you’re done, you can push the button and turn it back on!  You don’t have to bend down and unplug it.  This is just so cool!  

Smart Plug Timer/Automations

The other feature you gain by using the Smart plug, is the ability to set on/off timers for each individual device plugged into the Smart Plug. 
For example- you have lights and aerator plugged into smart plug.  You can set the aerator to shut off at 6 pm in the evening and have the lights come on at the same time.  Now you can enjoy your lighting and see your fish!  Your aerator is off and you lights have been turned on. 
This can also be used for fountains, since they don’t need to run all day like a pond, you can set the fountain to come on when you know you’ll be out there to enjoy it and shut it off late at night.

Smart Plug Notifications

Lastly and I think the coolest- the app will tell you when/if a device has stopped running! 

Why is this important?

You may be away for a long weekend maybe even on vacation.  If your pump stops working your fish could be in trouble.  Now you’ll now immediately if something happens and the pond can be addressed now instead of coming home after your time away to a disgusting cess pool.  This provides you the opportunity to contact your pond guy or maybe even a neighbor to get your pond up and running again.   
​We think this is one of the coolest new pond gadgets that have come out in a few years, and it’s just an outlet.  But I must add a very powerful outlet and tool to have for any pond hobbyist!  

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