What is a Pond Dosing System?

by | Sep 1, 2022

How often do you forget to add water treatments to your Oklahoma pond? You then go outside and your pond is murky, algae ridden, or the sludge build up has gotten out of control. The pond dosing system will take away the pressure of trying to remember to add water treatments, no more measuring water treatments, spilling water treatments, or trying to remember how much to add. For most fish ponds, pondless waterfalls and fountains this unit will just need to be set and the treatment bag changed once a month or less.

This unit takes away the guesswork and gives you more time to enjoy your pond!!!

The Pond Dosing System eliminates the guesswork and routine of adding water treatments to your Oklahoma County OK fish pond, Pondless® Waterfall, fountain, or water feature. In order for water treatments to work correctly, or to maintain optimum water quality, water treatments should be added consistently and on a regular basis.

The Automatic Dosing System accurately and consistently applies your choice of water treatment.

  • Helps maintain optimum water quality
  • Easy to use and fully programmable
  • Dependent and quiet operation
  • Can be used in almost any fish pond, fountain or water feature
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