Should I Be Worried About Mosquitoes In My Oklahoma Koi Pond?

by | Jul 1, 2022

Just imagine what your large Koi can eat!

We hear ‘misconceptions’ all the time when we talk to people about Oklahoma koi ponds. So we thought it’s about time to dispel some of the most common ones we hear. Often times we get excuses like; it’s too much maintenance, a pond is too much money, I don’t have room for a pond …and the like. More often than not, we hear actual misconceptions like, it will attract mosquitoes, it’s not safe for my kids, or I’ll have to use chemicals to keep it clean. Many times these misconceptions come from ponds done wrong (which is another topic altogether). So, here we are hoping to help dispel these excuses, misconceptions, and plain ol’ myths.

It Will Attract Mosquitoes – Nothing we all hate more than mosquitoes coming to harvest a meal from us during the middle of a nice get together with friends & family. And many times people often relate mosquitoes with backyard water gardens. But why? Because mosquitoes lay eggs in wet locations like neglected swimming pools, ditches, storm drains, and some ponds. I know what you’re thinking, “You just said ponds! ..I think we’re done here.”..but hold on a minute. What do they all have in common? No moving water. You see, standing stagnant water is the breeding ground for those little flying vampires. Their eggs won’t survive or hatch near moving water, in fact…moving water is a good way to deter mosquitoes.

  • Moving Water – Our decorative fountains, pondless waterfalls & our ponds that have streams & waterfalls, can move a lot of water…mosquito eggs don’t stand a chance.
  • Standing Water – Eliminate any area that accumulates water if you have a mosquito problem.
  • Typical Locations – You may see standing water in empty cans, bucks or flowerpots, plastic swimming pools, and pool covers. Be sure to clear gutters and remove weeds & debris from the yard as water can saturate some of these spots.
  • Food Chain – When you have a pond you are likely to have koi fish…and you’re also likely to have a few frogs hopping around. Well…frogs eat bugs and fish often skim bugs that are on the top of the water. With frogs & fish along with moving water, a pond is not going to be a likely host to mosquitoes.
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