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Continental Ponds in the Oklahoma City Metro Area is dedicated to providing their customers with the most comprehensive and logical pond maintenance services programs available in the Yukon OK area. From Pond Cleaning, to small to large Pond Repairs We have you covered.This dedication to all the service end of our business enables us to make educated improvements on our uses of the Aquascape product line we use, ultimately providing you with the best Pond Maintenance services that you will find in your area. Simply put we love Ponds and Waterfalls and enjoy the opportunity to share our knowledge and expertise with you so that you may enjoy your Water Gardening lifestyle. We recommend you research the maintenance plan any company is proposing to you and ask for references the same as you would for the initial installation

Pond Algae & Water Clarity Issues

Are you struggling keeping string algae under control in your Oklahoma City area pond, or worse yet cannot seem to get your pond water clear and healthy? Whether you have a large pond or small backyard fish pond…First things first… we suggest a Pond Profile as your first step. Maybe you are a very busy individual who travels often in your profession, or simply want your water feature professionally cleaned and maintained so all you have to do is relax and enjoy your Pond, Fish and waterfalls. We often compare our pond maintenance services to having your Lawn professionally maintained.

Pond Algae, “The Good, Bad, & The Ugly “

While pond “string algae” is the sign of a healthy ecosystem, pond algae grows primarily when one or more of the ponds natural balances is out of whack. Pond string algae control traditionally involves chemicals and algaecides added to control natural pond algae. While this method of controlling algae is a solution and works well, missing one treatment or dosage can throw your pond balance off, and it may take several days and dosages to get back under control.

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