My Oklahoma Pond Pump Quit Running, What Do I Need To Do Now?

by | Mar 21, 2022

Every year we get hundreds of calls from Oklahoma City pond owners saying “my pump went out can you come fix it?” and our answer is of course we can. But..what if I told you to check a few things first and that might save you a couple hundred dollars. Now that I have you attention, listed below are a few quick things to check before calling your Oklahoma City pond contractor or electrician. 

What Do I Need To Do When My Oklahoma City Pond Pump Quits Running?

​When your Oklahoma City pond/water feature pump quits running there are a series of necessary steps and precautions to take. If your pump were to quit running it is best to conduct a thorough check in detecting where the problem is. Before contacting a professional, it can be helpful to narrow down the possibilities. If you do not trust yourself to do so, then contacting a professional may be your best option. 

​The first thing to do if your pump quits running is to check the outlet. Unplug everything and make sure the GFI is reset if tripped. Ensure that you hear the click after hitting the reset button to be sure that it was properly reset.  After doing so, plug everything in one by one, allowing 30 seconds between items. As you are plugging each plug back into the outlet, listen closely so that you do not hear a clicking sound. If you do hear a clicking sound after plugging the plug into the outlet,  the device that plug is associated to may be the culprit.

​From there, the next step may vary. Of the few options, two of them are to take the pump apart, or call a professional. If you decide to take the pump apart, there are manuals and instructions on how to do so from the manufacturer. Light research may bring the desired outcomes.  We talk about pump problem and how to fix them in another article which can be found here.    

Once again we have given you all the tools to make an informed decision on weather or not you need to call your Oklahoma Pond Contractor or electrician. So please do not make the mistake of NOT resetting your GFCI and then complaining when you get billed $200-$500, for someone to come to your house and push a button! As the old saying goes “your not paying for time, your paying for the knowledge.”

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