How To Repair Common Outdoor Fountain Problems In Oklahoma

by | Mar 22, 2022

​Many people love the sound of running water and there are a large variety of different Oklahoma water features or outdoor fountains you can find to give you the exact effect you want. However, just as your garden and pond need maintaining to keep the looking great, so does your outdoor water fountain. During the winter months you will probably spend less time in your garden and your water feature may be neglected. You will only notice there is a problem when the sun starts to shine, and you turn it on again.  There are a number of problems that can occur.

Nothing Happens When You Plug Your Fountain In

There are a number of problems that can cause this. These include just to list a few:

Have you plugged it in: This may sound obvious, but it is surprising the number of people that “forget” to plug it in AND switch it on.

It’s broken: You may have had your water feature for a while and it may just have run its course and no longer works due to the age of its components.

Faulty wiring: If you have not checked your outdoor fountain during the winter months the electrical wiring could have deteriorated or been chewed through by a small rodent. Check for any breaks in the wiring.

Ensure there is enough water in the water feature: Sometimes water can have evaporated quite a lot since you last turned it on and if you haven’t checked the water level before switching it on, it could be ta simple fix.

The Water Feature Works But It Is Very Slow

​The first thing to look at if the water is not running very smoothly or efficiently, is the pump. It may have become clogged up with debris or leaves from the winter months. Whilst looking at the pump, you should also check the inlet valve as well as the suction lines. It’s a good idea to clean these out in any event, just to ensure they perform at their optimum.

Is It The Water Supply?

​If you have a leak in the seal or the suction lines, water may seep out, which can give a slow trickle rather than a water feature. If there is a leak, then obviously this needs to be repaired as the water pressure will be lower. Once the repair has been done, then you should see an increase in the water supply.

Has The Water Feature Frozen Over Winter?

​If you water feature has frozen over the winter months, then there is the possibility that it has damaged the pump. It is always best to try to remove the pump during winter and replace it again in the spring or summer.

Is There Water Inside The Pump?

If there is no water inside the pump, for whatever reason, then it will not work. You will need to ensure the pump is below the water line and filled with water.

​If you need help with any aspect of a troublesome fountain, why not give Continental Ponds a call (405) 834-2291. We are always happy to advise or carry out a water feature installation or repair for you.

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