How Much Does A Pondless Waterfall Cost?

by | Feb 14, 2022

How Much Does A Pondless Waterfall Cost?

Yukon, Oklahoma City Area

This is a question we are asked frequently, and we are going to come right out and say it… Ballpark figures, of course. Your imagination and vision are the true budgetary gauge. Make sure you pick a pondless feature that is right for you and your space. This blog is going to walk through most of the different variables that can affect the cost of a Pondless Waterfall and help you set realistic expectations of the total cost.

The pricing below is a great benchmark to start planning and budgeting. Our pondless waterfall installation pricing is based on the size and overall length of the waterfall or stream. All of our finished pondless installations include: pumps and pondless components for proper function, free form design using EPDM pond liner, all rock and gravel- base and decorative, 2′ high waterfall, aquatic plants, and of course clean up of the construction area.

Pondless Waterfall in Edmond by Continental Ponds

Keep in mind, our construction and installation is not limited to the sizes shown, we can custom create any size pondless waterfall to coincide with your vision and work around any existing hurdles. We treat each pondless waterfall as a unique piece of art created just for you and take great pride in the artistic construction of each project. ​Here are the three base sizes of pondless waterfalls and whats included in your installation.

Front Door Falls

Our Front Door Falls package is the perfect addition to a front entry impression or a backyard entertaining space. This package provides the sight and sound of cascading water in any landscape setting with our compact-sized, professional disappearing Waterfall. (Up to 2' high waterfall & 4' stream.)

Front Door Falls Package
w/4' Stream Starting At: $4,995

The Front Door Falls package includes:

• Aquabasin reservoir
• 10 x 10 EPDM liner
• Disappearing Waterfall spillway
• Aquasurge 2000 high efficiency pump
• 1.5" x 15' flex PVC pipe
• 3 tons of moss boulders

Deluxe Pondless

The Deluxe Pondless package provides the sight and sound of cascading water in any landscape setting with our compact sized, professional Disappearing Waterfall (up to 2' high waterfall & 8' stream.)

Deluxe Pondless Package
w/8' Stream Starting At: $8,995

The Deluxe Pondless package includes:

• Reservoir liner & underlayment
• 10 x 15 EPDM stream liner
• Disappearing Waterfall spillway
• Disappearing Waterfall vault
• (3) small Aquascape Aquablox
• Aquasurge 3000 high efficiency pump
• 2" x 25' flex PVC pipe and check valve
• 4 tons of moss boulders

Elite Pondless

A meandering 16' stream and multiple cascades will provide the perfect backdrop in your dream backyard with the Patio Falls Deluxe series. (Up to 2' high falls & 16' stream.)

Elite Falls Package
w/16' Stream Starting At: $16,895

The Elite Falls package includes:

• Reservoir liner & underlayment
• 15 x 20 EPDM stream liner
• Disappearing Waterfall spillway
• Disappearing Waterfall vault
• (8) small Aquascape Aquablox
• Aquasurge 5000 high efficiency pump
• 2" x 25' flex PVC pipe and check valve
• 7 tons of moss boulders

Interaction Area of A Pondless Waterfall

Interaction Areas

This is the place in or around the water feature that you walk up and interact with the feature. An interaction area can be a number of things, large flat stones where you and your family sit, put your feet in the water or just look for aquatic wildlife. A flagstone or paver area for seating, a firepit or a set of stone steps to access the feature more easily.

There are a lot of ways for us to build a spot for you to interact with your pondless waterfall. The more elaborately you build, the more that will affect the cost of the project.

Stone Selection

If you like Moss Rock you’re in luck as it is the most cost-effective stone used on our Pondless Waterfalls. Of course, the size of the stone affects the cost as it is purchased by weight. The larger the stone, the more involved the process is to maneuver and position that stone.

In addition to the moss rock you will also need some sort of river rock to fill in the stream and cover the lower basin. Most river rock is inexpensive but if you really want to go all out you can use the black polished river rock. It’s a little pricey but looks great. Just remember if it is placed underwater it going to be covered with algae eventually.

Another thing to keep in mind is the access to the pondless location. Can we get equipment in the gate/fence to the location in which the water feature is being built, do we have to hand carry the rocks in, do we have a place to stage the rocks? These are just a few things that are going to affect the cost.

Stone Selection for Water Features
Driftwood used in a koi pond in Edmond by Continental Ponds

Driftwood Accents

When adding driftwood to the feature cedar, cypress, and juniper are species of wood that will last a long time. How are you using the driftwood? Is it going to be small accents that sit on the edge of the pond or is this a huge piece of wood that is a major component of the pond?

​The addition of a large stump of driftwood can take half a day to maneuver and manipulate into its final position with heavy machinery. The goal is to make the stump look like has been there a hundred years and grew out of the side of the bank. What we do artistically with the driftwood comes with a whole different price tag than a simple piece of driftwood on the side of your pondless. 


Over the last couple of years, the water feature industry has come a long way with lighting. There are so many different types and styles of lights. We’ve been introduced to simple old-fashioned fountain lights, LED Lights, to sophisticated color-changing remote control lights.

Water Feature Lighting in Edmond by Continental Ponds
Koi Pond Lighting in Edmond by Continental Ponds

Now that you know how much it costs to have a pondless waterfall installed, you can make a much more informed decision. Remember if something sounds to good to be true it is! If you would like to see more choices you can visit our Pondless Waterfall Portfolio. When you are ready to take the next step you can call us at 405-834-2291 to set up an appointment with one of our designers.

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