How Much Does A Koi Pond Cost in The Oklahoma City Area?

What Effects The Cost Of a Pond?

Oklahoma City Metro Area Ponds and water features are a beautiful addition to any home and will be where you spend the most amount of time. Make sure you pick a pond/water feature that is right for you and your space. We are going to walk through most of the different variables that can affect the cost of an Oklahoma City area koi pond, and help you set realistic expectations of the total cost.

We’ve all been to a high end restaurant that has lobster on the menu with “market price” as the cost. Since we don’t know the exact cost of the lobster, most of us opt out of it. This goes for ponds/water features too. Money and budget are already tricky to deal with, and it’s especially true when a contractor is giving you the runaround. We believe in a very open and honest process here at Continental Ponds, and pricing is no exception.  Whether you’ve got a set budget in mind, are in the beginning stages of your water feature project, or want to know the cost to build a pond, we’re here to be a transparent voice.

Choosing the right pond with the right options in the beginning will ensure that you get a pond that provides you with the best experience with the least amount of effort. By doing your homework and learning about the potential enhancements available for your pond before making your purchase, you will tailor a pond that is perfect for you! In the pond consumer world, many people don’t take the time to get educated prior to choosing their contractor. These  shoppers look only at the bottom line (price) to determine who is the “best fit” for their project. This can commonly lead to an unhappy ending to their pond experience. Inferior filtration leads to high maintenance or a system that just won’t work. Aesthetically, they didn’t get the “pond they were dreaming of” (ugly). I have heard countless tales of how the experience just wasn’t what they were looking for. The worst part of this story is that it actually costs you even more money to remove the bad pond before you can have someone install a great one! So from here let’s help educate you on what some options are, and how that will affect the cost of your pond.

Interaction Areas

This is a place in the water feature where you walk up and interact with the feature. An interaction area can be a large flat stone where you and your family sit and put your feet in the water or feed the fish. A flagstone area for seating and a fire pit or a set of stone steps to access the feature more easily.

There are a lot of ways for us to build a spot for you to interact with your pond. The more elaborately you build, the more that will affect the cost of the pond. 

Stone Selection

If you like Moss Rock you’re in luck as it is the most cost-effective stone used on our Ponds. Of course, the size of the stone affects the cost as it is purchased by weight. The larger the stone, the more involved the process is to maneuver and position that stone.

In addition to the moss rock you will also need some sort of river rock to fill in the stream and cover the liner. Most river rock is inexpensive but if you really want to go all out you can use the black polished river rock. It’s a little pricey but looks great. Just remember if it is placed underwater it going to be covered with algae eventually.

Another thing to keep in mind is the access to the water feature location. Can we get equipment in the gate/fence to the location in which the water feature is being built, do we have to hand carry the rocks in, do we have a place to stage the rocks? These are just a few things that are going to affect the cost.

Driftwood Accents

When adding driftwood to the feature cedar, cypress, and juniper are species of wood that will last a long time. How are you using the driftwood? Is it going to be small accents that sit on the edge of the pond or is this a huge piece of wood that is a major component of the pond? The addition of a large stump of driftwood can take half a day to maneuver and manipulate the driftwood into its final position with heavy machinery. The goal is to make the stump look like has been there a hundred years and grew out of the side of the bank. What we do artistically with the driftwood comes with a whole different price tag than a simple piece of driftwood on the side of your pond. 

Fish Caves

In Oklahoma, we have a ton of predatory birds; unfortunately fish are easy pick’ins if your pond does not have a fish cave. We build your pond accordingly to protect your fish, adding a fish cave will ensure your fish have a place to retreat when scared or hibernating and be protected from predators above.

​A fish cave is a structure built into the bottom of the pond to provide cover and can be built simply or elaborately as your budget allows.

1. Starter Series Pond

Base Price For An Ecosystem Pond by Continental Ponds

This package includes the installation of a 7’x10’ pond with optimum filtration. It also includes a waterfall at the pond’s edge to give the relaxing waterfall sound while increasing aeration and overall feature health. When our team completes the base project, the home owner is ready to have the power run out to the pond-edge, install the landscaping, and spread mulch (unless these items were added on in the design process). Although you may think that the installation of a small pond is no big deal, we recommend that only the most adept DIY person attempt to install a pond. There is a large hole to sculpt just so, a filtration system to install, plumbing to run, a pump to install, and tons of stone to place (literally). I could list a thousand things on the simple nuances of getting it “just so”, but let’s just say that after 20+ years, you
still get better every time you build a pond!
This package can be $8,995 – $12,500 depending on options.
Continental Ponds base model ponds with installation starts at around $6,995.00. The more complexity, upgrades, and features will affect the price. We urge that you don’t make a fast decision on your pond do your research. Don’t be fooled if it sounds too good to be true it is!

2. Starter Series Elite Package

This package includes the installation of an 10’x15’ pond with optimum filtration. It also includes a stream that is up to 8’ long and multiple waterfalls. When our team is completes the base project, the home owner is ready to have the power run out to the pond-edge, install the landscaping, and spread mulch (unless these items were added on in the design process).
This package can be $19,595 – $25,000 depending on options.

3. Custom Koi Ponds

Custom ponds are, well custom…They can be any size, shape, depth, etc. They are limited only by your space, budget, & imagination! We can meet your needs, either residential or commercial, for any design or purpose and can show examples of great projects around the world that we have been a part of in the past. Determining the goals for a custom project is the first part of the design process! How koi pond costs compare to other water feature types As you can probably see, the price range on koi ponds varies quite a bit since there are so many factors that determine what is required for the perfect pond for you. Everyone has different tastes, goals, and budgets when it comes to designing and building a water feature. In comparison to other types of water features, we can give some ball-park pricing ranges to help identify how much other types of features may cost.

Remember we are always just a click away from solving all your Oklahoma pond problems!
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