How Much Does A Fountain Cost To Have Installed?

by | Feb 14, 2022

How Much Does A Fountain Cost To Have Installed?

Yukon, Oklahoma City Area

This is another question we are asked frequently, and we are going to come right out and say it… Ballpark figures, of course. Looking to add some natural beauty to your Oklahoma City landscape, but concerned about time and money. Fountains are an easy way to add all the beauty and sounds of a water feature without consuming a lot of time or money. Fountains are an easy and quick way to be able to enjoy flowing water in your everyday life. Fountains can range in size, style and price to fit any Oklahoma City landscape and budget. Wondering how it all works?

Fountains are installed on top of a reservoir basin and the water simply recirculates with a pump. The basin is buried underground and you can cover the top with decorative rock and gravel. So now the big question is, how much does a fountain cost to have installed in Oklahoma City metro area?

Custom Fountain Set-up

We’re never ones to shy away from being blatantly open and honest with respect to competition, and we want our customers to be as informed as possible. Below you will find our base installation cost for several fountains.

Cost of Small Decorative Fountains


Stacked Sphere (22" H)

Scalloped Urn (32" H)

Rippled Urn (32" H)

Stacked Urn (33" H)

Fountains can also be added to existing Oklahoma water features such as ponds, pondless waterfalls, rainwater harvesting systems or on their own. The possibilities with fountains are truly endless. Some fountains even have the ability to create fire coming out the top along with the water. In addition, lights can be added to both the top and bottom of most features.

Cost of Medium Decorative Fountains


Stacked Sphere (30" H)

Scalloped Urn (45" H)

Rippled Urn (45" H)

Stacked Urn (45" H)

Basalt (Largest 36")

Spillway Bowls (40" Dia.)

Stacked Wall (32" H)

Pagoda Stones (16" H)

Cost of Large Decorative Fountains


Cost of Multiple Piece Fountain


Scalloped Urns (Tallest 56" H)

Rippled Urns (Tallest 56")

Stacked Urns (Tallest 56")

Stacked Spheres (Tallest 36")

All multiple fountains are installed on custom built basins.

Water is the most important source for all living things. It is also the most mesmerizing thing you can watch. If you choose to spend your vacation time visiting places that have natural water sources or water features why not add one to your everyday life.

Add-Ons or Extra’s

Just like everything else…there are several additional options you can add to your fountain. Fountain lighting has made huge strides over the last few years. There are a variety of options when it comes to lighting from simple LED spotlight kit (pic below), LED Fountain Lights installed inside the openings to the fountains as well as color changing lights that can be controlled from your phone.

In addition to the lights one of our favorite add-on features is the Fire Fountain Kit. The fire fountain kit can be easily added to the Sphere’s and urns.

LED Spotlight Kit

Fountain Lighting

Add beauty and elegance to your fountain, by bringing it to life at night with LED Lights. These lights are ideal for illuminating ponds, waterfalls, fountains, trees, and other focal points in or out of the water.

Aquascape Pond and Landscape Light Kit includes everything needed to create a beautiful nighttime focal point in any water garden or traditional landscape.

The small compact design allows for installation in even the tightest spaces.

LED Spotlight Kit

Fire Fountain Kit

Prepare to be amazed at the difference fire can make for your fountain. Ideal for use with Stacked Slate Urns and Stacked Slate Spheres, the Aquascape Fire Fountain Add-on Kit is made from durable GFRC (glass fiber reinforced concrete) and high-quality stainless steel, providing years of trouble-free use. The Aquascape Fire Fountain Add-on Kit’s long-lasting wick will provide hours of enjoyment. Simply add paraffin or citronella fuel (sold separately) to transform any outdoor space into a cozy backyard paradise. Kit includes fire pot holder, fire pot, cover, wick, and wick ring.

Now that you know how much it costs to have a fountain installed, you can make a much more informed decision. Remember if something sounds to good to be true it is! If you would like to see more choices you can visit our fountainscape pictures. When you are ready to take the next step you can call us at 405-834-2291 to set up an appointment with one of our designers.

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