How can I  add a fish cave to my Oklahoma pond?

by | Apr 18, 2022

​As Oklahoma fish owners we are in a constant battle to save our fish from predators, because we love our fish and don’t want them to become food!  Sometimes it’s inevitable and every fish hobbyist is unfortunately going to lose this battle from time to time.  But…. There are things we can do to help protect our fish and a fish cave is one of them.

What is a fish cave and how is it going to even help your fish? 
A fish cave is a place in your pond a fish can go and hide so those darn predators can’t get to your fish or at least give your fish friends a place to hide. 
So how can you do this?

​Built in Fish Cave 

The best fish cave is the one that’s built into the pond.  It is hidden and camouflaged to appear as part of the pond.  We love these as they can be built larger, so all your fish have a place to go.  ​A built in fish cave can be done on an existing pond, however it’s best and easiest to hide and build in when you initially have your pond constructed. ​

​Drop In Fish Cave

There are many varieties of these, however I am going to share with you the two we use most often. 
This one is made of aluminum with a mesh top.  You literally just drop it in and it’s sinks to the bottom.  Initially you can see it and it may stick out, but over time the metal and mesh begin to grow that good pond stuff over it.  This does tend allow it to blend in. 

The other option is new, but we think quite nice.  It’s a cave made to look like a log has sunk in your pond.  Same concept as the other one, but blends in, looks nice, and functions as a place for your fish to escape to. 

Why a fish cave?

​While a fish cave will help protect your fish from predators there’s also two other great reasons we feel a fish cave is essential for your fish. 

1. Provides a place for your fish to get out of the sun.  Fish do like to get out of the sun and this provides the perfect place for your fish to do so. 

2. During the winter, your fish friends like to huddle, go to a safe place together to over winter.  A fish cave provides this safe place for them to go and huddle.  This in turns lowers the stress on your fish. 

So, a fish cave.. should you do it?  We highly recommend it!  If your pond is already built get a pre-built one, it’s better than not having a fish cave.

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