Fish Feeding Rings

by | Sep 23, 2023

How to use a fish feeding ring

What is a Fish Feeding Ring?

A feeder ring is a light-weight tube formed into a circle that floats on the surface of the pond. Its main purpose is to hold floating fish food in one place, inside the ring, for pond fish to eat – but can be used to keep floating pond plants (like water hyacinth and lettuce) together and out of your skimmer box.

There are a number of different types and styles of fish feeding rings on the market today. You can even make your own out of tubing, pvc pipe, pool noodles and we have even seen people use hula-hoops. Using one of these “fish deeding ring” has numerous benefits.

Benefits of using Floating Fish Feeder Ring:

  1. The fish food stays contained inside the ring, making it easier to remove whatever is not eaten. Excess fish food left in your pond water will decay and feed algae, causing water quality issues in the long run.
  2. The ring will “break” the current on the pond surface, that is created by your pond pump. This saves the floating fish food from being sucked into the skimmer filter; saving the food will save you money. Be sure to tie the ring to the side of the pond so that it does not get pulled to the opening of the pond skimmer – we like using fishing line.
  3. Fish will become trained to feed only at the fish feeder ring, reducing the possibility of blue heron “tricking” them into coming to the surface.
  4. Keeping your fish food out of the pond skimmer also means that your finned friends have no reason to chase the food into it. Some smaller or weaker fish can sometimes get caught in the current and not find their way out again.
  5. A feeder ring will also hold your floating water plants – like water hyacinth and water lettuce, in one place. Tie it off to the side of your pond with a piece of fishing line. Fishing line will be almost invisible against the water and will keep your ring from moving around the pond.
  6. Using more than one ring within the pond to hold floating plants, like little islands, will help cover the pond surface and provide protection for your pond fish. The plants will reproduce and eventually hide the ring all together.

Fish Feeder rings offer many benefits to your pond, specifically with the overall quality of your pond water by helping to reduce excess waste. Don’t have fish in your pond? They double as a plant ring to hold your floating pond plants in place helping with filtration.

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