Do Ponds Need A Bottom Drain?

by | Aug 31, 2022

Quick and easy answer, you don’t need one. Bottom drains aren’t necessary under certain conditions, so they can be a waste of money. It’s important to know whether or not you need one because it can make a big difference in the health and look of your pond. Keep reading to find out why or why not.

First, let’s explain a bottom drain.

What Are Bottom Drains?

A drain in the deep end. It removes debris from the bottom of the pond to the filters where it can then be removed from the pond. Your pond’s supposed to be cleaner and clearer from using one.

You will have to have a plumbing pipe running under the liner. This means a pathway must be dug out so a hump doesn’t show. A hole’s then cut in the liner and the actual drain is pushed into the pond.

It’s a tedious process, but is it worth it?

Arguments For A Bottom Drain –

It’s not the worst idea. Bottom drains:

  • Circulate water, thus aerating and cleaning it
  • Collect biological waste

The less waste there is, the cleaner the pond will be and the happier the fish. A clean pond makes for a healthy pond ecosystem, a beautiful pond, and a happy owner.

But drains aren’t good for every pond.

Arguments Against A Bottom Drain

A bottom drain isn’t needed if the following criteria are met:

  • The pond’s less than 4 feet deep
  • Jets keep waste from collecting on the bottom
  • Aerators on the bottom of the pond keep waste from settling

So drains aren’t bad to have in all situations. You can still have one installed, but it may not do much for the overall look and health of the pond.

What does Continental Ponds think of bottom drains?

Continental Ponds And Bottom Drains

We don’t need them. We rarely have to install bottom drains or even re-circulation vaults. Why?

Continental Ponds builds sustainable ecosystems that don’t need bottom drains. The ponds we build are mostly less than 4′ deep, which means a bottom drain isn’t needed. If one’s needed, it’ll be installed.

A bottom drain is not to be confused with underliner drainage systems, which remove water that might collect under the liner. This is only in yards in which the rainwater will run to the pond, causing a potential for water to go under the liner.

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