Algae fix is a temporary fix… not the solution!

by | Aug 26, 2022


Algaecides such as Algaefix can be deadly to your pond fish and other animals if not used properly. When applying any algaecide maximum aeration is needed. The result of the dying algae will consume a lot of oxygen that could result in your fish dying.

Using an Algaecide to battle green pond water should be used as a temporary remedy. In my opinion the goal for every backyard fish pond should be to establish a balanced ecosystem. This is accomplished through a healthy balance of Plants, Fish & Beneficial Bacteria. You should question any store or contractor that offers up Algaefix as the first solution to green pond water issues. By using these products you are reacting to a problem and not addressing the underlying issue.

If you have pets, birds, or children that interact in or around your pond do you really want them drinking and/or playing in pond water laced with a powerful algaecide? My dogs & kids play in our ponds almost everyday, I personally want to make sure their aquatic playground is as safe as possible!

So why is Algaefix one of the top selling pond products in the Oklahoma City area and the nation for that matter? The answer is simple. It works, it kills Green Water and String Algae. Our society is accustomed to quick fixes and easy solutions. However, in my opinion the potential harmful affects from using algaecides in your backyard pond outweighs the “Quick Fix” capability..

The truth is that pond ecosystems are often difficult to establish. Especially, if your pond is not designed to be plant friendly. We help hundreds of Central Oklahoma Pond Owners every year understand the basics of establishing a healthy balanced pond so they can apply these philosophies to their own backyard pond.

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