Advantages Of Using Pond Filter Urns for Oklahoma Ponds and Water Features

by | Aug 8, 2022

Pond filter urns are a type of devices which provide both functional and aesthetic value to both ponds and water gardens. The urn offers filtration which is both biological and functional in nature, which makes it well suited to small and medium sized ponds. However, before purchasing one it is important to learn more about it and the benefits it will provide you, and how best to take advantage of them.

How Does The Pond Filter Urn Work – The urn works best when it is placed within ponds to give filtration which is supplemental. It doesn’t have to replace your existing filtration system, but can work alongside it, and in many cases will be far easier to use and maintain. This is because it comes with a filter lid that can be removed, which allows maintenance to be performed with ease. Most filter urns will also come equipped with a mat, which is responsible for distributing filtration rings which are both ceramic and mechanical, which will allow for considerable surface area while giving bacteria which are beneficial the opportunity to colonize.

Which Ponds Will Benefit Most From These Filter Urns – In addition to small and moderately sized ponds, the filter urn is also well adapted to ponds which are preformed, as well as water garden containers. This is because the filter housing, which will typically be decorative in appearance, will give the filter the ability to integrate seamlessly with virtually any setting, producing the sound and view of moving water even in ponds that don’t have a stream and waterfall.

Additional Features of Pond Filter Urns – Many models will also come with a connecting water hose that is ½” in size, which will allow it to function with existing ponds. This hose can also be used with certain water pumps. It works best with ponds that are no more than 500 gallons in size, which means it will be perfectly compatible with the majority of back yard ponds. Its ease of use combined with its filtration add-on system means that installation will be a breeze.

The trouble with most traditional filtration systems, even those which are functionally effective, is that they are often unsightly. The Pond Urn, by comparison, is exceptionally stylish. It can be purchased in a variety of colors, textures and materials, and will add a zest and stylistic flair to your pond which will exceed any traditional filtration unit. Although certain models can be costly, when you consider the functionality combined with aesthetics and durability, they are worth the money. These devices are also simple to install, unlike many standard filtration systems which can be a hassle to deal with. Many models will also include filter media which is both mechanical as well as biological. If you are looking for an object that will add beauty to your pond or water garden while also offering functional benefits, this urn is an excellent deal.

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